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Alicia Milligan is a native Portlandian and received her academic training in Geography and GIS from Portland State University. She has a strong passion for GIS and human geography, as well as teaching. Her master’s research incorporates both of these fields of geography using public participation GIS to map Sense of Place in Mt. Hood National Forest. Additionally, Alicia loves the design aspect of cartography and has been an integral team member in publications such as Upper Left Cities and disaster resilience projects from the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. Alicia’s diverse interests bring valuable insight and resources for guiding students with their academic interests. Outside of teaching, Alicia is well connected with the Portland GIS community and is the President of ORURISA Emerging Professionals. As an adjunct instructor at PCC, Alicia hopes that her passion for geography and GIS will inspire students and others to explore the many possibilities this field has to offer. Being an advocate of outdoor recreation, Alicia spends her extra time bouldering, climbing, backpacking, hiking and spending time in nature with her husband and two kids. 


A native Oregonian and world-traveler, Liam believes that people are fundamentally interesting.  Liam is a commercial sUAS pilot and a graduate of Portland Community College’s GIS Certificate Program. He has a BA in French, is a certified welder, a commercial driver, and has a passion for psychology, history, and geography. His years working as a science technician, combined with a strong professional background in tourism/hospitality, have given him a unique skillset and perspective. Liam's hobbies include hiking, fencing, social board-gaming, creative writing, photography, and paragliding.  Liam also enjoys the endless discovery of transatlantic differences, both linguistic and cultural, with his wife, as well as seeing his own culture from her perspective.


Claire Brumbaugh-Smith just finished a Certificate in GIS from Portland State University and has a BA in Environmental Studies-Biology from Reed College. Claire has participated in amphibian and turtle surveys in the Portland area, which has led to an interest in the role of participatory GIS in analysis and decision making. She is especially interested in the open source GIS community and how user-centered design in web maps can be used to increase the accessibility of maps and mapmaking. 


Catherine Green is a geospatial analyst who is especially interested in web mapping, accessible design, and using GIS tools to promote social equity. She completed a GIS Certificate at Portland Community College (PCC) in 2020, and was also the President of PCC’s Student Chapter of ASPRS. She has a MA in Geography with emphasis in Energy Resources and Climatology, as well as a BA in Environmental Studies; both from California State University, East Bay. Catherine has worked in the nonprofit sector in a variety of roles, including researcher, communications manager, development manager, outreach coordinator, and volunteer coordinator for organizations focused on Environmental Health, Environmental Justice, Climate Policy, and Community Arts. She also has a certificate in Horticulture and is a native plant Landscape Designer. She enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, gardening, botanizing, tide pooling, and amateur astronomy.


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