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2021 Maps and Posters are displayed below in three different formats as a Slideshow gallery, Tabular gallery and an Abstract gallery.

Slideshow gallery: Abstract information is displayed over each slide. Click on the slide to view and zoom in . You can like , comment  and share  via your google account.

Tabular gallery: Scroll and view larger images of the maps and posters.

Abstract gallery:  PDF file with maps and posters are arranged into four categories: Analytic Presentation, Cartographic, Student and Web Application.  View detailed information about the maps/posters and contestants.

Vote: Vote for the map/poster contestants by clicking on the VOTE link or   icons. It will take you to the voting form. Voting opens Monday, April 19 through Wednesday, April 21.

2021 Map and Poster Contest Slideshow Gallery

To pause the slideshow hover your mouse cursor over the slide. 

Click on the slide to view larger image. Map/Poster image will open in google photos. Click on the image to zoom in . Like , comment  and share via google account. Maps and Posters have four categories: Analytic Presentation, Cartographic, Student and Web Application.

By Adrian Gonzalez - GIS Assistant Lane Council of Governments - Government Services * Title: Shark Attacks in the United States * Biography: My name is Adrian and I am a GIS assistant at the Lane Council of Governments. I have a passion for map making and data analysis and I love the job that I do and the people I get to work with. * Message or Description: This map visualizes all the reported shark attacks in the United States from 1950 onward according to the Global Shark Attack File data set. Each state with a recorded shark attack is color-coded and labeled based off of the amount of attacks reported in those waters. To the left of the map are the statistics for provoked/unprovoked attacks and fatal/nonfatal. On the bottom, you will find the amount of shark attack per species of shark and the frequency of reported shark attacks overtime. * Category: Cartographic
By Alicia Milligan - GIS Faculty Instructor Portland Community College, GIS/Geography * Tile: My Mountain, Your Mountain Our Mountain: Incorporating Emotional and Sensory Experiences in Mapping Sense of Place in Mount Hood National Forest. * Biography: Alicia Milligan received her academic training in Geography and GIS from Portland State University. She has a strong passion for GIS, cartography and human geography, as well as teaching. * Category: Cartographic
By Ben Gustafson - Geographer U.S. Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Center * Topic: Use of UAS Imagery and Regression Tree Modeling to Calculate Fractional Shrub Cover for Greater Sage-Grouse Micro-Habitat * Message or Description: Here, we present preliminary results from our study at a sagebrush site in central Nevada, where GIS-derived measurements of shrub cover from ultra-highresolution imagery collected with unmanned aircraft systems are used to train regression tree models. Our approach yields fractional estimates of shrub cover at the 2 m2 resolution of Worldview-2 scenes, providing detailed information valuable to conservation assessments, site disturbance analyses, and models of sage-grouse habitat suitability. * Category: Analytic Presentation
By Bernard Cowen - Cartographer Green Trails Maps * Title: Valley of Fire State Park * Biography: Bernard and Nathaniel are both contractors for Green Trails Maps. Bernard received a BS in Geography from UO about 1 year ago, and Nathaniel is finishing his Masters in Geography this spring term. * Message or Description: This map is the B Side of Green Trails map No. 2462S. It is designed for trail hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts visiting the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, and the surrounding areas. The trail data has been collected with GPS by our trail mappers and boasts boots on ground accuracy. It is soon to be printed on fancy water-proof, adventure proof paper, and sold at REI's in area, as well as online at Green Trails did not pay us extra to submit this. Not an advertisement. * Category: Cartographic
By Brian Murphy - Prospective Grad Student * Title: Mad River Watershed, California: Biophysical Settings Model * Biography: Brian Pellican Murphy is a graduate of Humboldt State University. He has worked in a variety of GIS positions from doing field work to complex spatial modeling and coding. * Message or Description: Mad River Watershed, California: Biophysical Settings Model * Category: Analytic Presentation
By Drew Thompson - GIS Administrator * Title: Islands of the MLB Ballpark Atoll * Biography: Map and baseball nerd. Go Mariners! * Message or Description: Unique areas among 30 MLB ballparks. Created using ballpark images for raster calculations in ArcGIS Pro. * Category: Cartographic
By Gregg Bertrand - Geographer U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District * Title: Portland District Reference Map * Biography: Gregg Bertrand has been with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers for over 35 years, working as a geographer in the GIS Section. He earned a B.S in Geography from Portland State University in 1986. Message or Description: This map is a reference map showing the area of responsibility of the Portland District of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers for Civil Works projects. The map shows the coastal projects, dams and office locations within the district on a terrain base map that includes major rivers and lakes, political boundaries and major highways. * Category: Student
By James Wilson - Student GIS * Title: South Sister Cartography * Biography: James worked in SE Alaska with the Forest Service for years building and maintaining recreational trails. He traveled about the country and settled in Oregon, where taking part in the PCC GIS Program. * Category: Student
By Kayla Nystrom - Student Oregon Institute of Technology * Title: Lake of the Woods Fire Danger Model * Biography: I'm currently going to Oregon Tech to get a degree in Geomatics with a GIS option. I'm working at Keno Rural Fire Protection District and the Oregon State Fire Marshal's office as a GISS-T. * Message or Description: GIS fire danger model based on such things as slope, aspect, fuel type and fuel density. This map picks out certain areas where fire danger is more prominent than others. It was created to be used as a county wide model to assist a planning office and fire departments in the area. This acted as a test area to see if it was practical. A county wide model is being developed currently. Category: Student
By Lauren Eileen McKinney-Wise - Student Geography * Title: Ladd's Tradition * Biography: Lauren McKinney-Wise is a Portland State University Geography/GIS graduate student. She also works as a GIS tutor at Portland Community College. * Message or Description: This is a map I made in my Cartography class! The assignment was to map your favorite neighborhood in Portland. * Category: Student
By Lauren McKinney-Wise - Student Geography * Title: To My Sister * Biography: Lauren McKinney-Wise is a Portland State University Geography/GIS graduate student. She also works as a GIS tutor at Portland Community College. Message or Description: I created this map for my friend Nicole McGrath. She requested it so she could give it to her sister Danielle! Her sister and her go kayaking around Sauvie Island almost every week (when weather permits). The place names on the map come directly from many conversations and revisions with Nicole who wished to immortalize the experiences she shares and has shared with her sister in this peaceful place. She gifted a physical version of this map to her sister just this year! * Category: Cartographic
By Matthew Hampton and McTighe - Cartographer Planning & Development Title: One death is too many! Biography: Matthew and Lake have been collaborating at Metro for over a century. Message or Description: In 2018, the region adopted a target to reach zero traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2035. Each year, Metro reports on progress towards the targets. The greater Portland region has one of the lowest traffic fatality rates of any large metropolitan area, but not even one traffic death is acceptable. Regional partners are working together to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries on our streets. * Category: Cartographic
By Matthew Hampton - Cartographer Metro Transportation and Planning * Title: From GIS to Historical Fiction: Designing an Old World map with QGIS and Adobe * Biography: Matthew earned an M.S. degree in Geography from PSU and has constructing cartographies for over 20 years. When not making maps for Metro he likes to explore and make maps for others. * Message or Description: This poster represents a recreation of a 18th century map depicting the exploration of the Pimeria Alta region by Eusibio of Mexico and was created using QGIS and Adobe CS. * Category: Cartographic
By Phoebe Bauer - Student Portland Community College * Title: The Path of High Water. * Category: Student
By Phyllis Shen - Student & Web Analyst Portland Community College * Title: Participating High Schools with PCC Dual Credit Program * Biography: Interested in learning Geographic Information System. When I developed the web application by adding an embedded map marker several years ago, the map of GIS is so fascinating to me. * Message or Description: High School Education Fulfillment and Equity of Education Attainment. Portland Community College Dual Credit Programs work with participating high schools to teach college courses at the high school. Students can earn both high school credits and college credits. Let high school students explore more interesting subject courses. Expect more high schools participating and more online dual credit programs offered by the college. * Category: Analytic Presentation
By Randi Phillips-Netherton - Student * Title: Trails of Crater Lake * Biography: GIS student and aspiring cartographer * Message or Description: This is a reference map highlighting the trails of Crater Lake. * Category: Student
By Nick LaRue - GIS Technician Tualatin Valley Water District * Title: Virtual Budget Tour: A Socially Distant Voyage to TVWD Projects * Biography: 16 years of GIS experience in public, private and military workspaces in Oregon, Arizona, South Korea, New Hampshire & Illinois. He plies his trade at Tualatin Valley Water District in Beaverton, OR Message or Description: Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) provides water to ~220,000 people across its 44 square mile service area in Washington County, Oregon. In previous biennial budgeting processes, TVWD staff led tours for the public and its board of commissioners to project sites throughout the District. COVID 19 required new solutions for the tours. ‘Site visits’ during the virtual, online budget meeting were made possible using the District’s first Story Map. * Category: Web Application
By Daniel Stoelb - GIS Program Coordinator Oregon Office of Emergency Management * Title: Oregon Wildfire Response and Recovery Site * Biography: Daniel maintains emergency management solutions for Oregon OEM and is the NSGIC Geospatial Preparedness Committee co-chair. Daniel also was a recipient of the 2020 Special Achievement in GIS award. * Message or Description: This mapping application, built in Experience Builder, features relevant data and informational products describing Oregon's response and recovery actions for the 2020 Oregon Wildfires. This website was created in an effort to provide easy-to-read and understand analytics from the event within a mobile and desktop-friendly environment. * Category: Web Application
GEO Team * For almost 15 years, the State of Oregon has employed collaborative methods to generate, maintain, and share geospatial data. These voluntary efforts form the Oregon GIS Framework Program. Through processes rooted in consensus, the program breaks down barriers that often divide government organizations and encourages different levels of government to engage with one another in meaningful ways. The Framework Program seeks to share foundational, standardized data to support all users.* Category: Web Application
By Ryan Johnson - Senior GIS Analyst Multnomah County * Title: Uprooted: How Portland’s Roaring Economy Is Pushing Working Families Out * Message or Description: A story map about how the Portland economic boom impacts working families. This map was created by Ryan Johnson from Multnomah County GIS and Kate Willson from the Multnomah County Office of Communications. * Category: Web Application
By Taylor Allen - GIS Technician Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians * Title: Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe Foundation Grant Recipients * Message or Description: The Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians has a long and proud history of giving to the communities in which they live and work. In 1997 the Tribe formalized this tradition of philanthropy by establishing a grant making Foundation. The Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation, is a private, independent foundation, representing the Tribe. This map shows the grants received by organizations in Jackson County. * Category: Cartographic

2021 Map/Poster Tabular Gallery

To view the map/poster in larger window click on the images below and scroll. Web Applications are displayed below the tabular gallery.

Category: Web Applications

Click on the PDF abstract file . It will take you to the abstract PDF document that contains detailed information about the maps, posters, contestants and their projects. Maps, Posters and Web Applications are arranged into four categories: Analytic Presentation, Cartographic, Student and Web Application.


Conference participants will have an opportunity to present their map about map topics and engage in a competition, which includes prizes in map categories online.

Submitting Map Information

  • Formatting: Maps will be formatted as jpg type
  • Size: No greater than 10 MB
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Dimensions: Large map size 24” x 36” (movie poster size) - aspect ratio of 2:3

Registration cutoff was at 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 15, 2021.


Participation in the contest gives individuals an opportunity to present their work, skill, and knowledge. The organizers look forward to seeing many outstanding maps and posters.


Maps will be judged by virtual conference attendees according to the following categories:

  • Cartographic - The quality of the visual display
  • Analytic presentation - Communication of meaningful patterns in data
  • Web Applications – Such as StoryMaps, ArcGIS Online, Tableau, Mapbox, or Power BI
  • Student - Any enrolled in classes pursuing a degree or certificate


Awards will be divided among the winners of each category after ballots are counted. The prize amount for each category will be $50 dollar gift certificate at REI.

If you have questions regarding the poster display and competition, please contact:

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