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Southern Oregon URISA
User Group Meeting - Notes

On Tuesday the 19th, we held a user group meeting focusing on Public Safety, and the applications and tools that various users have created to help their agencies and the community.  Here is a breakdown of what was discussed:

  • Chris Wayne discussed the GIS Day celebration they had at OIT, as well as a quick summary of the GeoTech Center and their GeoEd conference in June.
  • Brady Smith – Brady presented how Jackson County streamlined the process of identifying areas with low dog licensing rates using ESRI Data Enrichment Services and Insights for ArcGIS.
    Desraye Assali – Discussed how the US Forest Service Region 6 Office of General Council (OGC) began to identify and share forest closure areas during wildfire season through ArcGIS online tools.
  • Rickey Fite – presented on how the City of Ashland GIS created a WebApp for their fire department to view Commercial building floorplans and various Preplans.  He also talked about the creation of the Cities Cougar Sighting WebApp and setting up an auto email that is sent to Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • James Gerhardt – Discussed how RVCOG worked with the City of Ashland Fire Department to fly their drone with a thermal sensor over the Ashland watershed.  The goal was to assist in the prevention of any fire activity in that area, and the main concern being illegal campers having cooking/warmth fires throughout the night and early morning.  Flights were conducted 2-3 times a week for about 2 ½ months, resulting in some significant finds. 
  • Bob Noyes – Introduced Josephine County’s Homeless Encampment and Dump Sites survey123 app. Used by people in the field; sheriffs, Ordinance Violations, foresters, BLM, public health, parks dept., survey dept., etc., to mark locations of homeless encampments and trash dump sites. We wanted to create a system that would allow a way to document and map dump sites and encampments around the county. This also allows them to see who the responsible agency should be for follow up.
  • Karim Naguib – Continued the conversation around tracking homeless encampments and dump sites in County parks.  Jackson County GIS used QuickCapture for ArcGIS to provide our deputies with an easy to use application to help quickly capture and share illegal camps, trails, debris sites, and hazards.
  • Jill Hatten – Showed a variety of applications the City of Medford Police Department is using to support their Code Enforcement Officers, Livability Team, Police Officers and Detectives using WebMaps, Dashboards, Survey123, Collector, and ArcGIS Explorer.  She showed their public surveillance camera reporting application, a Trespassing agreement application, and various other tools to present much of this and other data to their officers.


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