Conference participants will have an opportunity to present their map about map topics and engage in a competition, which includes prizes in map categories online.

Submitting Map Information

  • Formatting: Maps will be formatted as jpg type
  • Size: No greater than 10 MB
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait
  • Dimensions: Large map size 24” x 36” (movie poster size) - aspect ratio of 2:3

Registration cutoff is Closing of Business day on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

Register by submitting this form.


Participation in the contest gives individuals an opportunity to present their work, skill, and knowledge. The organizers look forward to seeing many outstanding maps and posters.


Maps will be judged by virtual conference attendees according to the following categories:

  • Cartographic - The quality of the visual display
  • Analytic presentation - Communication of meaningful patterns in data
  • Web Applications – Such as StoryMaps, ArcGIS Online, Tableau, Mapbox, or Power BI
  • Student - Any enrolled in classes pursuing a degree or certificate


Awards will be divided among the winners of each category after ballots are counted. The prize amount for each category will be $50 dollar gift certificate at REI.

If you have questions regarding the poster display and competition, please contact:

Winners of the 2019 Poster Contest





Title of Map


Mark Friesen

Web designer/developer

Measure 50: winners and losers




Stargazing Near Urban Environments

Data Integration

Mark Scott

Simple Map Maker

Psychedelic Map of Pacific County

Student 1

Mathew Steiner

Student PCC

Portland Healthy Walkscore

Student 2

Michael Ness

Geomatics Student

Walking Distance to Parks

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