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PAGIS Meeting

  • January 22, 2010
  • 10:00 AM - 11:29 AM
  • David Evans and Associates

Where:   David Evans and Associates
             2100 SW River Pkwy
             Portland, OR 97201
             (503) 223-6663
             [ Map and Directions ]

Topic:   Best Practices for Publishing Geoprocessing Tools: Tips and Tricks


             Eric Sack, GISP   Technology Associates

Technology Associates developed a sophisticated geoprocessing application using Python and ModelBuilder that is published to ArcGIS Server, to perform geospatial analysis on over 100 data layers that ask questions such as:

  • What environmental layers intersects the project area within specified buffer distances?
  • How far features are from work sites?
  • What are the temporary or permanent impacts in acres for each site?
  • What is the elevation and centroid coordinates (in 8 different systems) for each worksite?
  • Reports on frequency of occurrence for RT&E species and closest occurrence.

An Environmental Screening Report is generated from geoprocessing results using an XML Reader to render results.  As part of the geoprocessing task, Technology Associates developed a separate model used for refreshing the FGDB schema.  This minimizes application down-time during data refreshes, cuts hand-on pre-processing time and primes the GIS data for optimized geoprocessing speed.


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